Hypnotherapy And ChildrenChildren Respond Very Well To Hypnosis

Exeter hypnotist Alan Harley knows that many situations in our world can cause problems for children, just as it does for adults.

Rapid physical growth over short periods of time and concern about changes in their bodies can cause stress and loss of self-esteem. Various problems in school with studies, teachers or peers, may be troubling a child.

There are many fears that can plague children: fear of events at school, fear of the dark, fear of going to sleep, fear of doctors, dentists and needles etc. Many children experience the embarrassment of habits they find hard to break, like bed-wetting, nail biting or thumb sucking.

A new baby or other additions to the family can cause undue stress. Loss of their own bedroom space, due to a new addition to the family or having to move to a smaller place can make children unhappy.

In addition, children are often traumatized by parental separation or divorce and, partly due to media coverage, some children have an underlying fear of kidnapping or other abuses and these may affect children far more than we realize. It is difficult to keep such news away from children’s hearing these days.

Why children might come to a hypnotherapist

Issues, for which hypnotic methods and tools are a helpful response, include doing homework, performing in the classroom, getting to school and liking it, improving grades, friendlessness, nail biting, thumb sucking, bed wetting, nightmares and fears of the dark, lying, stealing, low self-esteem, dealing with divorce or death in a family, illness – their own or someone in the family, and a myriad of other problems.

Hypnosis works well for children because there are less years of re-inforcing imprints on their mind. Children are more susceptible to hypnosis, they have the drive to discover and they hunger for new experiences. They are open to new information and are willing to receive and respond to new ideas, as long as they are presented in an understandable way.

Children are usually easily relaxed and focused. They have the ability to change and be versatile, and, before the age of say 12 –1 4, to accept most ideas uncritically. They are not as dominated by rational questioning and concerns that adults have formed through their life experiences. Also, they do not have the fears and misconceptions about hypnosis that some adults have. This makes it reasonably easy to work with them.

Working with children is a wonderful speciality. The benefits of hypnosis for children are the same as for adults, as long as their problems are treated as seriously as adults. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in strengthening a child’s confidence. It helps a child to feel empowered, where before, they felt like the victim. It releases willingness to use their natural gifts. It elicits talent and creativity, as well as providing a wonderful foundation in their education.

Alan thoroughly enjoys working with children of all ages and gets a thorough sense of satisfaction at helping children to experience true success in their lives in all areas.

If you feel hypnosis may be beneficial for your child then please do not hesitate to ring Alan on 01392 218598 for a free, no obligation chat.


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