Hypnotherapy For ChildbirthHypnotherapy To Relieve Labour Pains

Hypnobirthing lets women discover and experience the joy and magic of birth – rather than the ordeal everyone else seems to tell you about. 

Most importantly, women learn how to put themselves back in control of their birth – rather than automatically turning to their doctor or midwife for help or pain control medication.

Some mums to be can be very sceptical at first – until they experience it for themselves. Just imagine welcoming each surge! Feeling peaceful- relaxed- even smiling as your baby comes closer to you!

With hypnobirthing, the pregnant woman discovers that severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour and learns how to release the fears and anxieties they may have about giving birth, even how to overcome previous traumatic births.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be in a hypnotic trance or a sleep during labour.

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Rather, you’ll be able to chat and be and in good spirits – totally relaxed, but fully in control. You’ll always be aware of what is happening to you, and around you, but you will experience the process of childbirth itself in a much more enjoyable, pain free way.

No spiritual or personal belief system – or prior experience is required.

The client simply has one (sometimes two) sessions with Alan about a month to six weeks before the due date and then listens to the CD/mp3 material Alan provides to re-enforce his session(s).

In short, hypnobirthing allows you to experience birth in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear and tension that prevents the birthing muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to.

It is a complete birth education programme, teaching simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth.

But just don’t take Alan’s word for it….Here is what Michelle had to say about Alan’s hypnobirthing technique in a telephone message left shortly after the birth of her fourth child:

“This is Michelle, I came to see you before I had my baby, sorry I have not rung before, keep meaning to, but it has been really hectic. Just wanted to say thank you very much, it definitely worked and my labour was really easy.

To be honest, beforehand I wasn’t that confident it would work and I asked for an epidural to be ready if needed. It was quite a difficult delivery, because the baby was the wrong way round but even that and the actual delivery- because of how you helped me, it helped me cope really well.

I coped fine, everything you said to me just clicked into place- no pain relief and then I was really surprised actually. It was painless and I bonded with my baby straight away, something that never happened when I had epidurals before.”

The nursing staff were amazed, they kept asking if I needed any pain relief and I kept saying no. They told me afterwards, that the only way they knew I was having contractions was that my toes moved slightly!

Thank you so very, very much.”

Hypnobirthing is now on a formal, NICE monitored NHS trial in Lancashire and a BBC report on this trial can be found at


If you think that you might want to consider Hypnobirthing and would like more information then please do not hesitate to call Alan on 01392 218598, for a free, no obligation chat.


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