Hypnosis and SportSport Enhancement Using Hypnotherapy Is More Than 50 Years Old

Sports Hypnosis differs from sports psychology in various ways, but particularly in that hypnosis works directly with the subconscious part that controls our behaviours, so change with hypnosis is often rapid.

This is of great interest to sports people who need to achieve “the zone” when performing, or if their sports behaviour is largely subconscious in nature – this is true for any sport that conscious regulation hinders performance – for instance speed if necessary. Hypnosis is based in the sub-conscious mind, the non-critical part of the psyche. There is little need for conscious acceptance, other than the desire to be helped.

The traits you need mentally, emotionally and physically for sporting success you already possess within. With the assistance of sports hypnosis you can gain access to these abilities and achieve the reality of your potential.One of the main benefits of hypnosis to sports people, over some other forms of sports psychology, is its ability in accessing subconscious behaviours rapidly and changing those behaviours just as rapidly

Hypnosis has been used in sport for at least the last 50 years, and has recently seen a renewed interest from both the research community and sports participants.

A number of high profile sports people use hypnosis, as do some professional football clubs and county cricket teams etc. Indeed, Exeter City FC’s General Manager and former Tottenham and England star, Steve Perryman (pictured below) told Alan that it was used regularly during his time at Tottenham Hotspur FC during the 1980s.

Hypnosis Is Common For Sports Performance

Alan has worked with a number of Motocross riders, including Alex Snow (pictured above left and right) one of the top Motocross riders in the world, as well as helping those involved in cricket, golf, football, show-jumping and eventing to name but a few. Alan’s technique can be applied to just about any sporting activity and has even been used successfully for competitive games such as chess.

Sports hypnosis (sometimes combined with traditional sports psychology, assists many common sporting psychological problems. It is particularly effective for building confidence, overcoming poor past performances and visualizing new or complicated techniques.

Sports hypnosis can assist competition nerves, mental blocks, overcoming slumps in performance, building confidence, improving focus, and concentration. as well as the difficulties in returning from injury.

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