Exeter Hypnotist Alan HarleyQuit Smoking In One Session

If you smoke but want to stop, the chances are that you may have already have tried to quit before, either by will power or by using one of the many nicotine replacement treatments, such as gum or patches…… but failed. Providing you really do want to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy can work for you.

Alan uses a variety of techniques, combining hypnotic suggestion and imbedded commands with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to enable you to stop smoking without the usual withdrawal symptoms and side affects and without unwanted problems such as weight gain.

Alan’s Stop Smoking Treatment is tailored individually to suit, as the reasons for smoking (and failing to give up) vary from one person to another. He is so confident in his methods that in the unlikely event that you start smoking again within three months, you can return for a back up session free of charge.

A typical stop smoking treatment will take between one and two hours. At the end of the session Alan leaves clients with any required support tools, such as CDs or EFT procedures, dependent on each individual client’s personal needs.

If you would like more information or to book an appointment, ring Alan on 01392 218598


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