hypnosis for weight controlHypnosis And Weight Control

Most of us overeat to satisfy our emotional needs or through habit rather than physical need. Maybe you overeat because you are bored, stressed or unhappy – there will always be a reason why you do so.

Maybe you eat very quickly giving your stomach no chance to say ‘I’m full’. You may also be a person who must eat everything on their plate, has trouble with portion control or an apparent addiction to chocolate and sweets things. Whatever your issues with food, hypnotherapy can change the way you think about food.

Perhaps you have tried dieting. Many diets don’t work and even those that do are not usually a permanent solution, because as soon as the desired weight is achieved then there is a return to old eating habits.

Hypnotherapy and NLP get straight to the subconscious mind, enabling a change in your old eating pattern, tackling any emotional baggage you may have, such as lack of self confidence or self esteem, and making you feel better about who you are and how you look.

Weight control sessions are based around individual need and no two clients are the same. Some clients will need one or two sessions, but others may take a little longer depending on the cause of the weight problem. Sessions will normally last about one hour.

Weigh control issues are not just about excessive weight, hypnotherapy can also correct low weight caused by eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia.

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