What Is HypnosisWhat is hypnosis and how does it feel?

Hypnotherapy is nothing like the hypnotic stage acts seen on TV, nor is it sleep as it is commonly understood.

There is nothing magical or mystical about it, there are no gimmicks, no dangling watches or pendulums and no mad staring eyes. Hypnosis is simply an enhanced state of personal awareness. The human mind operates on two basic levels, the conscious and subconscious. The conscious is what we are aware of most of the time, it can retain about seven pieces of information at any one given moment.

The subconscious mind is capable of retaining up to one million pieces of information per minute and is more powerful than any computer ever designed. Every human being has a huge storage file of knowledge, attitudes and responses which are hidden away in their subconscious mind but which govern who we are and how we are.

In hypnotic trance the therapist simply talks to you until your subconscious mind feels comfortable entering a state of hypnotic trance. In this altered state of awareness, the subconscious mind then comes to the fore.

Clients are fully aware of what is happening during hypnosis and are fully in control of their actions. The therapist acts as a facilitator allowing the subconscious mind to communicate and influence the client’s conscious mind. In this way, beneficial changes in a persons thought processes takes place, enabling them to regain full control of their life.


Professional Registrations

General Hypnotherapy Register General Hypnotherapy Standards Council The NHSTA Directory Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming